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Dacing with no beating of drums or songs- Wonderful perfomance from their minds. ( A dancing group of Speech and Hearing impared students)


The link between Friends of The Disabled and the street boys in Lagos was a

tricycle bought for a disabled girl in Obowo Local Government in Imo State.

We started to care for the disabled as far back as 1990. In the year 1992, Chief

Mrs. Orduh discovered, applied her skills as educationist, and began to teach a

group of homeless disabled boys numbering about 50 (fifty) , basic literacy

in a shelter in a car park on Lagos island where they lived. Many of the boys

contracted polio in childhood causing lower limb disabilities. They had to beg

alms to survive in the local community, weaving in and out of the Lagos traffic on

their skate boards. The teaching was made easy when some of her teacher

friends joined her in Car Park IV to educate these boys. At first we were in the

open air and later A. C. Foods allowed us to use their generator house for

classes. They were grouped into five and each group received lessons once a week.


In 1996, Friends of the Disabled was given the defunct and dilapidated NRC

Secretariat, in Oja-Oba, Lagos Island through Lagos Island Local Government.

It is through the generously of National, International, Individuals and groups,

Corporate Bodies and Embassies that this place was refurbished as it is today.

This place provides safe, haven for the boys and girls and from which the

Vocational Centre was developed. In 1999, the Vocational Training was

opened providing the opportunity for the disabled and non-disabled persons to

learn practical skills for use in the employment market/establishment of

business. The students choose trades ranging from metal work to fabrication,

He care and help for the disabled and the disadvantaged persons was an

inspiration ever before Chief Mrs. Orduh met the disabled street boys in Lagos.

She came in contact with them through buying a tricycle they built. It was a big

surprise to her that such young boys were not educated. They have been

denied the opportunity to develop the enormous wealth of talents, intelligence

and humour she found in them. The Organisation's belief is that all people are

created equal and have the right to dignity, respect, self reliance and

independence. Friends of The Disabled was established to help the

disadvantaged in the society, whether disabled, poor or elderly, through self

help empowerment and development that gives self esteem.

through tailoring, shoe making to carving,cane works and poultry. As years role

by,different groups made different choices of trades and that gave rise to the

dropping of wood works and carving in preference to bead making and

computer. We take contracts in metal works as well as building tricycles, skate

boards and crutches for the students and for sale. We also provide quality foot

wear that competes very well in the business world. Money realised helps to

sustain the Centre and also offers positive incentives to producers. All students

are encouraged to attend literacy classes in the evenings. They need to

communicate effectively in English and also compute simple numerals in order to

 survive the business sector of skill acquisition. Those on continuing Education

have special period to have their lessons without clashes with Vocational training


The Centre does not feed the students daily now, but gives out food stuffs as

donors provide. The Centre also provides support and guidance to those in


To reflect these developments, a Volunteer joined us in 1999 as Project Coordinator for two years and trained a counterpart to replace 

him. In 2002 another VSO served with us for one year. An Administrative

officer, a disabled manages the Computer Section now and impacts his

knowledge to others who equally becomes computer literate. The disabled

girls have had their place since 2001. They need skill acquisition and education

more than non-disabled girls to take care of themselves now and in future.


We have helped five of the disabled secure jobs in Federal, State, Local

Governments respect ively, and companies including those we did not

train. Our Vocational and Educational Centre has structures, equipment and

tools that stand the test of time. All groups trained in each trade have been given

equipment and tools for their self employment/business ventures. A disabled lady

 is in charge of a business outfit established in Obowo Local Government Area of

Imo State for income generation and training for both the disabled and non-Disabled youths.

The Education Section has successfully prepared four sets of nine students from

the continuing Education, who sat for G.C.E. in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005

respectively. Only one had his result ceased. The list had three credits and two

passes while others had four or five credits including English and Maths. Two

of the disabled with academic skills are currently in higher Institutions of learning,

University of Lagos and Bayero University respectively. One of the two is

among the boys picked from the Car Park IV in Marina Lagos. We have

successfully integrated the hearing and speech impaired youths in our computer,

tailoring and shoe making sections respectively while their presence has

facilitated sign language hearing in the Centre.


We want to consolidate what we have and to replicate our project in other geographical areas.Our goal is to ; Create jobs and reduce/eradicate poverty;confront sources of stigme and isolation (HIV/AIDS) through awareness campaign and education of the public;Sensitise the state and federal government respectively for them to establish commission that cater for people with disabilities in which a disabled will be the head.
How do you feel about these?

Come along and join hands with us in the struggle.

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We acknowledge and thank our numerous supporters and ask that work continues as there are still poor people to share our lives with. http://globalgiving.com/proj80a.html